Sunday, February 5, 2012


Last month I did a class on the 1940 census to prepare people for its long-awaited release.  Here is some information that I shared during my presentation:

  When will it be available for public assess?

a)    Sunday, April 1, 2012 (72 year privacy act expires)

b)    Monday, April 2, 2012 (Actual Release date)

1940 Census Different From Past Census
a)    Statistical Data to Be Used for Government and Business Planning-
b)    Agricultural/Housing Data Schedules (no longer exist burned in 1949)
c)    Goal of accuracy and full inclusion of All citizens
d)    Employed more census takers than previous years and provided more training and guidelines (123,069 enumerators)

What territories were covered? 

    Continental United States (48 states), Alaska, American Samoa, Guam, Hawaii, the Panama Canal Zone, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, military and consulaservices abroad, and naval services abroad or in American waters, but not at a fixed station

  Where can you assess it? Digitally not Microfilm
a)    National Archives Online Public Assess (Free searchable database)
b) (Free until 2013)
c) (
   How to Search the 1940 Census
a)    Unindexed-Advantage-You might find people you weren’t looking for
b)  Enumeration Districts

  Tips for Searching the Census
a)    Prepare a list of people you plan to search for
b)    Check 1930 census and directory for approximate location they were before
c)   NARA Enumeration District maps- Search the 1940 Census Maps for Enumeration District Numbers

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